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Progressive Resistance Training

Progressive resistance training is the gradual increase of weights in exercises. It is also called progressive overload. This enables progress in the increase of muscle mass and strength. If you want constant growth and constant increase of muscle mass and strength, here are the principles that make this possible. The hormonal response that occurs as a…



It might seem unusual why Muskultura has a whole page devoted only to sleeping which is “such a simple thing”. However, great many people don’t sleep long enough and during the best time. That’s why we decided to devote greater attention to this exceptionally important matter and clarify some key elements. Why is sleeping irreplaceable if you want…


Weight Training, principles of

Rounded body type Characteristics: soft muscle mass, rounded face, wide hips and large amount of stored fat. Exercise and nutrition recommendations:   . Your first and basic goal should be lowering your body fat and increasing strength. Besides the popular thinking that you should do 50 exercises with 1000 reps each in every workout, and…


Hormones, definition and description

Hormones, definition and description Hormones are substances produced by certain glands in the body. They are transported through the body by internal liquids, in order to regulate the function of cells and the organs. They perform specific biological functions and enable communication between organs and tissues. With this they regulate bodily functions such as: digestion,…

Soy and soy protein

Soy and soy protein (?)

Soy and soy protein, do you really need them? Soy is preached as a healthy alternative in food especially for vegetarians. Still, in recent times it is of bad repute because people became more aware that it is most often GMO. Still soy is present in enormous number of products. Mostly it isn’t a healthy…