Muskultura was created for the people that strive to strengthen their body and spirit.

Have a professional approach and attitude in your ambition. This implies a detailed understanding of the mechanisms that will transform your body and strength.

The goal of Muskultura is to provide you with the knowledge you need to build your body the way you want it to be.

Here you won’t read about fat-loss tricks with water and cucumber. We won’t tell you to believe in diets and morning ceremonies with cinnamon. Nor ginger. Those tricks are most appealing to people who think they know, but do nothing.

The only “trick” is knowing what to do and doing it.

The body is a stubborn mechanism. It wants to stay the way it is.

If you’re determined to make a change, get ready for the next level.


If you need advice or have you any questions, feel free to contact us.

Nutrition by body-form

Water Water is one of the main components of the body and one of the most, most vital nutrients. It is used to transport the different chemicals and enables the biochemical processes in the body. Muscles are composed of more than 70% water. The body is an adaptive mechanism, so if you don’t drink enough…



Supplements are an addition to diet. They can significantly influence your progress in developing the body you want. Not all supplements are same and not all of them produce the advertised results. Supplements are help, addition, not the most important thing in increasing your muscle mass or achieving aesthetic body. The most important thing is…


What to Do if You’re Getting Ill After Exercising

Getting Ill After Exercising? If you’re getting ill after exercising or experience weakened immune system, fever, cold, allergies, general fatigue, runny nose…, heed the following. There can be more reasons but mainly it comes about through one mechanism. Attack on the immune system. Resistance training is a shock and stress for the organism. It can…


How Do Muscles Grow?

How do muscles grow? The answer is mathematically precise. Protein is the basic building block of muscles and all other tissues in the body. When you consume protein, the body breaks it down into its component parts – amino acids. Then the amino acids are carried through the blood into different parts of the body…


Progressive Resistance Training

Progressive resistance training is the gradual increase of weights in exercises. It is also called progressive overload. This enables progress in the increase of muscle mass and strength. If you want constant growth and constant increase of muscle mass and strength, here are the principles that make this possible. The hormonal response that occurs as a…



It might seem unusual why Muskultura has a whole page devoted only to sleeping which is “such a simple thing”. However, great many people don’t sleep long enough and during the best time. That’s why we decided to devote greater attention to this exceptionally important matter and clarify some key elements. Why is sleeping irreplaceable if you want…


Weight Training, principles of

Muscular body type Characteristics: wider shoulders and chest, good muscle structure and greater strength. Exercise and nutrition recommendations:   . Your basic goal should be building more muscle mass, ripped muscles and increasing your strength. Building muscle mass should be relatively easier for your than people with the other body types. Depending on your weight…


Hormones, definition and description

Hormones, definition and description Hormones are substances produced by certain glands in the body. They are transported through the body by internal liquids, in order to regulate the function of cells and the organs. They perform specific biological functions and enable communication between organs and tissues. With this they regulate bodily functions such as: digestion,…


Soy and soy protein (?)

Soy protein, do you really need it? For women there is no problem, but for men, it’s a different story. Soy increases estrogen levels in men and lowers testosterone levels. Testosterone is mostly abundant in men. It plays an important role in your health. It is responsible for the development of muscles and bones and sex…