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Insulin, definition and role

Insulin is a hormone that is released when carbohydrates, i.e. sugars are present in the blood. It collects and allocates the sugar for immediate energy requirements, brings a part into muscles and the liver (if they aren’t already full) and converts the rest into fat and stores it. It also stores dietary fats but they…

Estrogen - female hormone

Estrogen, definition and role

The term estrogen (same as oestrogen) pertains to a group of chemically similar hormones which are dominant in the female body and responsible for development and maintenance of the female characteristics. Estrogen is present in the male body too, in much lower amounts. Some small amounts of testosterone are always converted into oestrogen in the…


Cortisol, definition and role

Cortisol is a hormone which spikes during moments of physical or mental stress. It’s secretion increases during moments of heavy exertion, such as weight training or jogging, as well as in stressful situations in everyday life. There is also increased secretion of cortisol during moments of starvation and lack of sleep. Cortisol is necessary for the…


Testosterone, definition and role

Testosterone Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in building muscle mass. The male human body produces it mainly in the testicles and a small amount in other glands. In the female human body, it is produced in the ovaries. Men have significantly higher testosterone levels than women. It is directly responsible for your…


Beware of mass gainers full of sugar

Why do some companies in the supplements industry offer so many products and mass gainers full of sugar? . Because a really few people do read the labels and the amount of sugar contained Because it is cheap to manufacture and it’s marketed as the “Newest discovery of science” Because the slowed-down metabolism will need…


How to Overhead Press

The standing overhead press Some of the myths that accompany this exercise is that it is damaging to the knees and/or the lower back. Those myths come out of people who have damaged their knees or back as a result of training in a way which doesn’t treat the body as a system. Proper, balanced…


How to do barbell rows

If you want to build a great back, it is important to know how to do barbell rows – one of the best back exercises. Barbell rows is mainly a back exercise. Called a compound exercise, it trains many muscles at once. Muscles trained with barbell rows: Back (lower, middle, upper) Lats Trapezius Rhomboids Biceps…


How to bench press with proper form

The Bench Press This exercise is regarded as one of the best chest exercises. It is more powerful than cables, dumbbells, etc., as it enables lifting very heavy weights which boosts testosterone levels more than the other chest exercises. Doing this exercise with a proper form is very important if you are to get the maximum…


How to deadlift

Deadlifts – irreplaceable for a strong and well-built body The deadlift is one of the most powerful exercises as it simultaneously works on multiple muscles. It activates the whole body and such activation is key to higher hormonal response of testosterone and human growth hormone. Doing this exercise with proper form is very important if…


How to do squats

Squats – irreplaceable for strong and muscular body Squats are one of the strongest if not the strongest resistance-training exercise there is. We are talking about free-weighted squats, not smith-machine squats. Machines stabilize and help you, but free weights make your body balance itself. That contributes to generating real strength, because strength is not only…