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Here you won’t read about fat-loss tricks with water and cucumber. We won’t tell you to believe in diets and morning ceremonies with cinnamon. Nor ginger. Those tricks are most appealing to people who think they know, but do nothing.

The only “trick” is knowing what to do and doing it.

The body is a stubborn mechanism. It wants to stay the way it is.

If you’re determined to make a change, get ready for the next level.


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How to do barbell rows

If you want to build a great back, it is important to know how to do barbell rows – one of the best back exercises. Barbell rows is mainly a back exercise. Called a compound exercise, it trains many muscles at once. Muscles trained with barbell rows:   Back (lower, middle, upper) Lats Trapezius Rhomboids…


How to bench press with proper form

The Bench Press This exercise is regarded as one of the best chest exercises. It is more powerful than cables, dumbbells, etc., as it enables lifting very heavy weights which boosts testosterone levels more than the other chest exercises. Doing this exercise with a proper form is very important if you are to get the maximum…


How to deadlift

Deadlifts – irreplaceable for a strong and well-built body The deadlift is one of the most powerful exercises as it simultaneously works on multiple muscles. It activates the whole body and such activation is key to higher hormonal response of testosterone and human growth hormone. Doing this exercise with proper form is very important if…


How to do squats

Squats – irreplaceable for strong and muscular body Squats are one of the strongest if not the strongest resistance-training exercise there is. We are talking about free-weighted squats, not smith-machine squats. Machines stabilize and help you, but free weights make your body balance itself. That contributes to generating real strength, because strength is not only…


Dietary Fiber, a Must for a Hormonal Balance

Dietary fiber and the hormonal system The hormonal balance can be disrupted for many reasons. The hormonal system works so cohesively, that when one hormone goes out of balance, other hormones will too. It’s a fact that nutrition plays a great role in achieving and maintaining hormonal balance. Here we will take up a very…


Muscle Fibers – Fast Twitch and Slow Twitch

Muscle Fibers The body has several types of muscle or muscle fibers. The one we are talking about here is the skeletal muscle. These are the muscles connected to the skeleton and are part of the mechanical system that moves the body. These are the muscles we want to grow and get ripped. These muscles…


Fat Loss

Fat Loss and Gaining Muscle Mass Fat loss is a subject of exceptional importance whether you personally need to lose fat or not. Knowing these principles you’ll be able to know how to achieve stronger body with a better physique. There are many methods of fat loss. Here we talk losing excess body fat through…


5×5 Strength-Training Program

The 5×5 Strength-Training Routine StrongLifts 5×5 is a very simple and effective muscle- and strength-training routine. It is one of the most popular muscle-building programs. This program has three workouts a week. It uses only 5 exercises. Each workout you do three exercises with a barbell, 5 sets of each, with 5 reps. Hence 5×5.…

Glucagon - fat burning hormone -

Glucagon – Important Fat-Burning Hormone

Glucagon – The Key to Burning Fat What is glucagon? Glucagon is a hormone that opens fat stores to release fat for the body’s energy needs. This is the process of burning fat for energy and loss of excess fat. Glucagon is a key player in the keto diet. Without it, there’s no keto. This…

Increase Growth Hormone

Increasing the Human Growth Hormone

Human Growth Hormone, definition and role Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a vital hormone in the human endocrine system. The endocrine system is a system of glands that secrete hormones directly into the bloodstream. The Human Growth Hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland, a small gland located at the bottom of the brain. This…