TestosteroneTestosterone is one of the most important hormones in building muscle mass. The male human body produces it mainly in the testicles and a small amount in other glands. In the female human body, it is produced in the ovaries. Men have significantly higher testosterone levels than women.

It is directly responsible for your sex drive and plays a great role in sperm production. It has a main role (together with HGH) in building and maintaining muscle mass and bone density and influences how much fat your body will store and where. These hormone levels greatly influence mood as well.

Testosterone is one of the most important factors influencing the formation of muscle mass and strength. It stimulates tissue growth and influences the Human Growth Hormone.

It increases bone density and influences the production of red blood cells (cells in the blood that carry oxygen from the lungs to other parts of the body).

Testosterone plays role in how the body will treat fats and helps it burn fat more efficiently. Low T levels can increase body fat formation, “man boobs”, etc. Low T levels in men mean higher estrogen levels (the main female hormone).

Diet and sleep have a crucial influence on T. In combination with proper weight training, which in itself is a method of improving the production of testosterone (and other hormones), we gain muscle mass and form stronger and aesthetic muscle structure.

In terms of exercise, it’s not enough to just say that exercise boosts testosterone. Exercise can lower testosterone if not practiced properly.

The most effective exercises for higher testosterone production are compound exercises (that affect multiple muscles at once). If you do isolation exercises, always include compound exercises in every workout if you want a higher T. Dividing the workout days, for example, one day only arms, may sound logical, but from the point of view of hormones, it is not effective without compound exercises. Let’s say for the biceps, you’ll get a much greater testosterone response if you do three sets of a biceps isolation exercise plus three sets of any of these exercises, instead of two different isolation exercises with three sets of each.

From a nutritional point of view, it is most important that the body is in fat-burning mode instead of sugar-burning. If the body is in sugar-burning mode, it means it is in fat-storage mode. If you store fat, that means more of your testosterone gets converted to estrogen and of course, lower testosterone and growth hormone levels than you could actually have.

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