Зошто солта прави жед?

Why salt makes us thirsty

Yes, has to do with a hormone of course. Vasopressin is a hormone that is secreted based on the salt concentration of the blood. This hormone regulates the production of urine in the bladder. It is secreted by a gland located in the brain. The higher the salt concentration of the blood, the more vasopressin…

Гликоген во мускулите

Why Are You Getting Bulky Instead of Ripped Muscles

We are getting questions from some lifters, why they can’t get ripped muscles even though they exercise with years, and they don’t even have much excess fat, but nevertheless they get bulky instead of ripped muscles. They do have some results, bigger muscles, they are stronger, etc., but their muscles look rounded or swollen. Their…


What to Do if You’re Getting Ill After Exercising

Getting Ill After Exercising? If you’re getting ill after exercising or experience weakened immune system, fever, cold, allergies, general fatigue, runny nose…, heed the following. There can be more reasons but mainly it comes about through one mechanism. Attack on the immune system. Resistance training is a shock and stress for the organism. It can…


Weight Training, principles of

The Principles of Weight Training The principles described here will have the highest influence on your weight training. Regardless of any advice you might get from people experienced in training, these principles are unalterable. Some of that advice may be good. But if you ask ten experienced people in weightlifting about a specific thing, you’ll…

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and Minerals – Daily Intake

It is necessary to take vitamins and minerals. If we want our hormones to function with full force, to increase the benefits of nutrition, sleeping and training for muscle growth or losing that excess body fat – vitamins and minerals are irreplaceable. Not to mention their overall effect on physical and mental health. Many recommend…


The most unknown abs exercise

The following exercise is an abdominal exercise that we gave as a response to one of the questions of our readers. First, let’s clear up something. The muscles in the central area of the body are very important if we want greater stability of the body, strength and support for the rest of the body…


Testosterone, definition and role

Testosterone Testosterone is one of the most important hormones in building muscle mass. The male human body produces it mainly in the testicles and a small amount in other glands. In the female human body, it is produced in the ovaries. Men have significantly higher testosterone levels than women. It is directly responsible for your…

Глутамин за закрепнување

Supplements: Glutamine

GLUTAMINE Glutamine is an amino acid that, compared to all others, is the most prevalent in the body. During intensive training glutamine levels decrease significantly. That’s how strength, stamina and recovery potential drops. Glutamine supplementation can significantly buffer these effects. Glutamine plays a key role in muscle growth. It reduces the waste of muscles and…


Supplements: Creatine powder

Creatine is a natural compound processed in the body which helps create more muscle energy. It is made by combining certain amino acids, meaning it is a derivative of those amino acids. The body by itself produces around 1-2 grams of creatine daily. One of those amino acids is found only in meat and fish,…