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Why Are You Getting Bulky Instead of Ripped Muscles

We are getting questions from some lifters, why they can’t get ripped muscles even though they exercise with years, and they don’t even have much excess fat, but nevertheless they get bulky instead of ripped muscles. They do have some results, bigger muscles, they are stronger, etc., but their muscles look rounded or swollen. Their…

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Carbohydrates for energy?

In the scientific, bodybuilding, nutritionist, medical and other literature and schoolbooks, it is widely accepted that carbohydrates are the best source of energy for the body. Which is to say, they say the body should mainly get its energy from glucose. In their recommendations for daily healthy food it’s said that the greatest part, i.e.…

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Supplements: Glutamine

GLUTAMINE Glutamine is an amino acid that, compared to all others, is the most prevalent in the body. During intensive training glutamine levels decrease significantly. That’s how strength, stamina and recovery potential drops. Glutamine supplementation can significantly buffer these effects. Glutamine plays a key role in muscle growth. It reduces the waste of muscles and…


How to get maximum gain from every workout

How to get maximum gain from every workout? The answer is: intensive training. What does it depend upon? . Type of exercises performed. Weights you exercise with. Number of muscles involved. Length of rest between sets and exercises. Number of repetitions, sets and exercises. Duration of the whole training. Explosiveness with which exercises are performed.…


The most unknown abs exercise

The following exercise is an abdominal exercise that we gave as a response to one of the questions of our readers. First, let’s clear up something. The muscles in the central area of the body are very important if we want greater stability of the body, strength and support for the rest of the body…