How Fats Became “Bad”. The Low Fat Fad

Definitions of fats in the dictionary contain the idea that they are used to store energy and keep the body warm. Every definition of carbohydrates contains the idea that they are used for energy. This is not wholly true. It has been made to be so. Fats can be used as raw materials for energy.…


How Do Muscles Grow?

How do muscles grow? The answer is mathematically precise. Protein is the basic building block of muscles and all other tissues in the body. When you consume protein, the body breaks it down into its component parts – amino acids. Then the amino acids are carried through the blood into different parts of the body…


Hormones, definition and description

Hormones, definition and description Hormones are substances produced by certain glands in the body. They are transported through the body by internal liquids, in order to regulate the function of cells and the organs. They perform specific biological functions and enable communication between organs and tissues. With this they regulate bodily functions such as: digestion,…

Healthy food does not mean proper nutrition

Healthy Food and Proper Nutrition Are Not the Same Thing

Healthy Food and Proper Nutrition Are Not the Same Thing Working out and eating healthy food, does not mean growth of muscle mass or loss of excess body fat. When we say proper nutrition in regards to weight training, muscle mass building, burning extra fat – we don’t mean healthy food. Many people think that…


Fat Loss

Fat Loss and Gaining Muscle Mass Fat loss is a subject of exceptional importance whether you personally need to lose fat or not. Knowing these principles you’ll be able to know how to achieve stronger body with a better physique. There are many methods of fat loss. Here we talk losing excess body fat through…

Estrogen - female hormone

Estrogen, definition and role

The term estrogen (same as oestrogen) pertains to a group of chemically similar hormones which are dominant in the female body and responsible for development and maintenance of the female characteristics. Estrogen is present in the male body too, in much lower amounts. Some small amounts of testosterone are always converted into oestrogen in the…


Dietary Fiber, a Must for a Hormonal Balance

Dietary fiber and the hormonal system The hormonal balance can be disrupted for many reasons. The hormonal system works so cohesively, that when one hormone goes out of balance, other hormones will too. It’s a fact that nutrition plays a great role in achieving and maintaining hormonal balance. Here we will take up a very…


Cortisol, definition and role

Cortisol is a hormone which spikes during moments of physical or mental stress. It’s secretion increases during moments of heavy exertion, such as weight training or jogging, as well as in stressful situations in everyday life. There is also increased secretion of cortisol during moments of starvation and lack of sleep. Cortisol is necessary for the…

Енергија од храна

Carbohydrates for energy?

In the scientific, bodybuilding, nutritionist, medical and other literature and schoolbooks, it is widely accepted that carbohydrates are the best source of energy for the body. Which is to say, they say the body should mainly get its energy from glucose. In their recommendations for daily healthy food it’s said that the greatest part, i.e.…